Seven times I have tried, I have come back and tried again, not with pride and force, not as a soldier to an enemy, but with love, as a child climbs onto the lap of its mother. Now at last I have been granted success, and I give thanks, “Thuji Chey” that is how we say it in Sherpa, “I am grateful”

You cannot be a good mountaineer, however great your ability unless you are cheerful and have the spirit of comradeship”

What I can teach is not from books, to be sure, but from what I have learned in living my own life: for many men, many lands, many mountains – and, most of all, from Everest” 

Friends are as important as achievement.  Another is that teamwork is the one key to success and that selfishness only makes a man small”  

No man, on a mountain or elsewhere, gets more out of anything than he puts into it”

I need to go, the pull of Everest was stronger for me than any force on Earth”

Be Great, Make Others Great”

To travel, to experience and learn: that is to live”